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Nora Michael Wilson, age 6 months


Five-Stitch Repeat
Click on the color chart for a larger view.


Nora's Orange Sweater


Worsted weight wool (I used Cascade)

2 skeins Orange (A), 1 skein Dark Red (B), 1 skein Tan (C)

1 circular needle, size 7,
one set of double pointeds, size 7

Stitch markers.

Gauge: (approximate) 16.5 sts = 4", 24 rows = 4" (see measurements)

Disclaimer: It is not necessary for rocket-science precision here. Just keep in mind that too big is better than too small.


Cast on 90 stitches A, join round. K2 A, p2 C for about 1". K about 6 rounds A, then work pattern.

Knit with A until body measures 7 or 8", or to desired length.

Sleeves: Cast on 28 sts A, work rib in A & C for 1 1/2". K 6 rounds A, then a stripe pattern: one round B, 2 rounds C, one round C. Meanwhile, mark 3 sts for "seam" and increase 1 st before these 3 sts and 1 st after, every 5th round after rib until 36 sts. Work straight until sleeve measures about 7 or 8", or to desired length.

Join Body & Sleeves

For underarms, take 7 sts at either side of body & put on threads. Make sure front & back have equal number of sts. (38 sts each side, 76 sts total). On sleeves, put 7 sts on thread. Unite all remaining sts (134 sts total). Mark the 4 points where the body joins the sleeves. Work 1 or 1 1/2" plain. Every second round: Work to within 2 sts of marked stitch, k2 tog, knit marked st, SSK. At this point, you can work a few rows in a contrasting color for a nice stripe in the yoke (I did one round B, 5 rounds C, 1 round B). When 8 sts remain on each sleeve (not counting decrease sts), work 1 plain round & shape back neck: Place sts of neck front on holder, except 4 sts each end (1/2 sleeve sts). Work a decrease round, turn, and p 1 row. Turn, decrease round. Continue until sleeve sts and neck front sts are gone.


On double pointeds, work the back sts, pick up 4 sts at neck edge, work the front sts, pick up 4 sts at neck edge. Work this round, with the right side of the sweater out, as a purl row, then continue in stockinette stitch for about an inch or more for a rolled neck. Cast off. (For a ribbed neck, work k2, p2 for a little more than an inch--do a contrasting rib to match the cuff.)


Pick up underarm stitches and graft using kitchener stitch. Weave in ends.

©1998 - 2002 K. Schmidt, all rights reserved. This pattern may not be duplicated in any form, for profit or distribution, with the exception of personal use, without my written consent.

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