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kittyville "Kitty62ville -- Children's Highlights Meets John Waters Meets Avant- Quilting Bee"   -- Andy Bresnan

June 4, 2009
If you wandered over here by way of Send Me Your Head, hello! And welcome! Before you look around, you should know that the links are old, the content is stale, and the layout is vintage 90s. It's outdated and horribly neglected. If this website were a toddler, I left him in the RiteAid parking lot while I ran in for a carton of Salems and some Pepsi for his bottle. Compared to Facebook or Wordpress or Twitter, Kittyville is two dixie cups on a string. Before I mix in another metaphor and completely scare you away, please feel free to poke around. Have a very nice time!

November 28, 2001
I mean, just look at this place. I had stuff about Y2K still up! How nineties. I'm so ashamed. Well, I finally got rid of those freaking frames, and I put up a couple new knitting patterns. There's also some more found photos, and a "new" missfidget.

March 14, 1999
Dr. Genus Coprophagus is hosting a new contest, right here in Kitty62ville. Under Mondo Micro, go to Insect Fear. Pictured will be a shot from a movie, featuring one or more insects. All you have to do is guess the movie, and fill out the simple form at the bottom of the page. For extra credit, guess the name of the insect. The first 5 winners will get a special Kitty62 FunPak™.

The answer to last week's movie shot was "Creep Show," a collaboration of George Romero and Stephen King. The actor (or facsimile thereof) pictured was E.G. Marshall. Dr. Coprophagus identifies the insects as the common American cockroach: Periplaneta americana. Oooh, I love it when he speaks Latin. By the way, the roach wranglers on the film were Dave Brody and Ray Mendez.Congratulations to the FunPak™ winners.

Kitty62 not responsible for injury, ridicule, or death incurred by use of said FunPak™

roadsideIN MY SITES
Updated March 14, 1999
These are some of my favorite places to visit. I'll update frequently. Well, sometimes. By the way, the gun girl is Barbara Stanwyck-- a great actress in the tough dame category. Unfortunately, she sang like a canary for the House Unamerican Activities Committee, or so I hear.

Updated March 14, 1999
In addition to Dr. Coprophagous' new quiz, the microscopic film festival is still open. Keep your hand on your gun. Mondo Micro presents: "The Good, The Bad and the Bugly", the world's first microscopic western film festival. Special thanks to Grouchyguy for supplying the music. And remember, there's just one kind of man that you can trust and that's a dead man. Now, git.

January 31, 1999
When you hear a perfect song like Wild Thing, it's hard to imagine what a painful thing the creative process can be. Have a listen to the frustrated, bickering Troggs hard at work in the studio. Dare I suggest an ocarina solo? Here's Way Out Takes. I plan to update this frequently, so be sure to check back soon! If you don't have the Real Player, click here to get one.

Updated January 31, 1999
Baby, It's Cold Outside, and Miss Fidget wants to wear fur, Birkenstock- shod vegans armed with buckets of red paint be damned. I have to say I don't any real fur, but I do have a fun fur brown coat that makes me look like Chewbacca. Madame Fidget also gives us two yummy soup recipes to see us through until spring. Food or Beauty, by Miss Fidget.

Brian Bubonic's Hollywood
Updated January 3, 1999
Yes, Kitty62 has gone bi-coastal. Don't get excited, I said bi-COASTAL. Brian Bubonic reveals to us the seedy underbelly of Tinseltown with these wonderful found letters. "Since when do physically beautiful people have the right to treat the rest of us like dirt, crap, scum, garbage and trash, etc?" I couldn't have put it better myself. See "Hollywood Letters" in our Found Letters section.

Updated November 27, 2001
Maybe it's because of low self-esteem that I look down when I walk, but it hasn't hurt my collection of junk (or small change). Enjoy these favorites from my found photo collection, in addition to some real beauties sent by friends. All of the pictures were either found on the street or trashpicked.

Updated November 24, 1998
Volume 7 Added!
I often torment my friends and family by giving rambling, detailed descriptions of my dreams. I can't help it--even when I see that their eyes are starting to glaze over, I just go on and on-- "...and then the zucchini started to chase the doughnut..." A special bonus: celebrity dreams, where I get to hobnob with the rich and famous, whether I want to or not.

Updated October 25, 1998
It's me in 3-Dee!! The pictures in the gallery are red/blue anaglyphs, and you'll need special Kitty62 3-D glasses for viewing them. Position the glasses with the red lens over your left eye. If you need a pair of 3D glasses, contact me at

Kitty62 not responsible for injury, ridicule, or death incurred by wearing of said glasses.

Updated September 20, 1998
New in September: Tina Kelley's Twisted Sisters-- Top Ten Nun Movies. Also: Just Say Noh! Greg Giovanni gives us his Top Ten Reasons for Taking Noh Training. I don't know what it means, but it's Japanese, so I guess it's good. I'll still publish your Top Ten list, if you care to send it to me. Impress your friends!

Music, videos, music videos, full frontal nudity, complaining, -- I don't know, I'll think of something.

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